S-5 Assi. Cadet SFC- Edward Henry

S-5 Public Affairs - Cadet Captain- Gage Horvath

Battalion Commander- Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Nathan StefanoNathan Stefano is a Let 4. He is a member of the Drill Team, Raider Team, and Color Guard team. Nathan was the Battalion's former S-5.

S-2 Assi. Cadet SFC- 

​Mathew Humbert

S-4 Supply- Cadet Captain-

Kylee Yothers


Cadet Chain of Command

​​S-4 Assi. Cadet SFC- Michael Lally

S-3 Operations- Cadet Major - Christian Seese

​​​Connellsville Army Junior ROTC

Joseph Cordier is a COW2 in the U.S Army. Chief Cordier is the Falcon Battalion Army Instructor. He also runs the Battalions Drill Team. 

Command Sergeant Major- Cadet CSM Nathan White

Nathan White is a LET 3. He is a member of the Drill and Raider teams, as well as the command caller for the Color Guard team.

Senior Army Instructor- Lieutenant Colonel Eric Sheets

Army Instructor- Chief Warrant Officer 2 Joseph Cordier

S-1 Assi. Cadet SFC-Tyler Rock

Executive Officer- Cadet Major Bailee Hiles

Bailee Hiles is a LET 3. She is a member of the Drill Team, Raider Team, and Color Guard. Bailee Hiles is the former Sergent Major . She is in charge of the Battalion staff.

Eric Sheets is a Lieutenant Colonel. Colonel Sheets is the Falcon Battalion Senior Army Instructor. He teaches all LET level's this year. He also runs the Battalions Raider and Color Guard teams. 

S-1  Adjutant- Cadet Captain-Jailey Nicholson

S-3 Assi. Cadet MSG- Keaton Detwiler

S-2 Security- Cadet Captin-Thomas Jones